How to open a credit or loan company? When we need money the first step is to look for a company, loan office, a financial or credit promoter, and sometimes I caught myself asking, how to open a loan company a financial one ?

Currently, lending or “financial” companies are up in the financial market, especially in the payroll loan market. The demand for credit applications in the country grows every day, with the liberation of governments and the ease of lending money, several companies are entering the financial market.

What you need to set up a credit company

What you need to set up a credit company

On the other hand, banks and financial institutions are behind companies that get clients to obtain their credit cards, credit services or loans. The consumers of these products are basically retired, pensioners, hired by CLT, civil servants and entrepreneurs. Hence, nowadays opening a lending company can be an activity to undertake with excellent results when it comes to cash profits.

To open a loan company is no different than another type of business venture. The legal part is in the same parameters. Having an accountant who is competent can assist in the legalization of the company in all its phases. It usually lasts about two months to complete the process and the costs come close to $ 2 thousand.

It is necessary to elaborate the Social Contract in accordance with the Brazilian legislation, to be able to be constituted with one or more owner-owners, done that is enough to request the CNPJ in the appropriate meeting. If you are going to open a door on the street, you will need to register with the city hall as a bank or non-bank correspondent.

To provide financing and loans in the square? The first step is to know the procedure for opening a personal finance and credit company, from there will give start to any and all credit company.

Borrowing money is a profitable business for both the bank and the intermediary, but for this they depend on the prior and express authorization of the Central Bank of Brazil, both for constitution of the same as for the operation. If you want to be a bank correspondent and represent banks then the business changes figure. You do not need BC authorization.

The Credit, Financing and Investment Companies, popularly known as Financial Companies, were instituted through the Ministerial Order of the Ministry of Finance number 309, dated November 30, 1959.

Financial Institutions are private institutions, their primary and basic purpose to carry out Financial Aid, Financing, Personal and Payroll Loans, Personal Credit for individuals, Working Capital for companies, in addition to credit cards etc., Its mission is to facilitate the access and acquisition of goods, services and financial products in general.

Tips for opening a financial

Tips for opening a financial

Tip: For those who want to open a “financial”, credit office, loan store or want to be banking correspondent representing banking and financial institutions to attract people interested in lines of credit and loans in general, the most viable solution of the moment is to acquire a financial franchise. The financial franchises are ready, you just have the aptitude and money in your pocket to buy them and start making money.

Note: Lending companies (Financial) must be incorporated as a company of a corporation and in its corporate name must include the expression “Credit, Financing and Investment”. These entities raise funds through acceptance and placement of Bills of Exchange (Resolution CMN 45, of 1966) and Bank Deposit Receipts ( CMN Resolution 3454, of 2007).

Through the internet you can find several companies that give support to those who want to open a credit and loan company, make a selection of the ones that interest you the most and send a registration.