Who is burdened with several entries in the Harris, gets the major German banks mostly no funding? But that does not mean you have no chance of getting a loan at all. The small loans of private without Harris would be a viable alternative.

The term small loan today is also used for loans that can have a value of more than 10,000 euros. Basically, the advantage of lending from private investors is that there is no registration of the loan in the Harris and the credit reform.

Small payday loans: Approved Online

If you can not find suitable lenders in your area, search on Internet platforms that specialize in small payday loans, get it from here. There you can apply for a loan both as a private individual and as a trader. There are two different types of interest rates. On some platforms, the prospect must offer an interest rate.

Other operators work on the principle of backward auction. This means that those who would like to provide the money have to offer an interest rate. In this case, several donors can join together for financing, which entails the distribution of the default risk. The loan agreements are created almost everywhere with the support of a cooperating bank.

How do you find potential lenders?

First, you can look around in your own environment. There you have the advantage that the lenders for personal loans from private without Harris already know and therefore can also estimate the payment morale. In addition, there is a chance that you may even get the money you need without interest. A small contract should be made among friends and relatives to secure both sides.

Which agreements are necessary for a loan?

A private credit agreement should be based on the principles that are also contained in a credit agreement of a bank. Both contracting parties must be specified. Loan amount and term must also be fixed. In addition, the interest rate and the maturities must be stated. If such a loan is deposited with collateral, such as a pledge, this must also be mentioned in a special clause in the loan agreement if legal certainty is to be achieved by all parties involved.